Temporary Employment Contract Template South Africa

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Utilise our Temporary Employment Contract Template if your business employs staff for project-based work. This document is ideal to outline the relationship between employer and employee, ensuring it meets all legal requirements under South African law.

Document Overview

This Temporary Employment Contract Template contains all necessary details, including:
  • Employer and employee information
  • Commencement and duration of employment
  • Remuneration details
  • Pension and medical aid provisions
  • Employee duties and working hours
  • Leave policies
  • Termination conditions
Under the Labour Relations Amendment Act of 2014, temporary employment in South Africa cannot exceed three months unless there are justifiable reasons, such as project-specific work.  

How to Use the Template

  To take advantage of this contract template, follow these steps:
  • Carefully read the document to ensure it suits your needs and make any necessary modifications.
  • Fill in the required details in the designated areas.
  • Sign the agreement and have your temporary employee do the same.
  • Additionally, consider implementing Policies and Procedures in your business to cover other company procedures and employment conditions not included in the template.
Synonyms: Contract of Employment; Conditions of Employment; Employment Agreement; Terms and Conditions of Employment; Temporary Employment Agreement; Project-based Employment Contract; Terms of Appointment.

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